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You entrust in us,
We will take care of the rest 
你 所 委 託 , 我 必 關 注

香港快遞(HONG KONG EXPRESS)是香港最具規模的速遞物流公司之一,.經過多年的發展,良好的服務質素及客戶關係居功至偉,香港快遞已發展成為業務全面、人才鼎盛、配套完備的多元專業化速遞物流企業,服務網絡遍佈香港及澳門各地。公司擁有龐大車隊,具備穩固實力,在業界建立了良好聲譽。而我們深信只有與時並進的營運模式,才能時刻為客戶提供最切合需要的優質服務。

Hong Kong Express is one of the most organized and established courier/express company in Hong Kong. After years of services and improvements, our company can maintain and endorse high quality of services and customer's relations.

Our company thrive on a comprehensive, well-talented, well-equipped, and diverse business model, with services covering all over Hong Kong and Macau. Moreover, Hong Kong Express is equipped with a huge and stable fleet, allowing us to establish an exceptional reputation among the industry.

Lastly, we believe that to maintain high quality of customers service under the ever-growing market and industry, we must improve and adapt our business model to fulfill and serve our customer best and to the fullest.

Hong Kong To Macau Couier

香港 至 澳門 速遞服務

無論公司或私人客戶, 我們的本地速遞服務, 以三十年累積的經驗, 進行良好的運作管理, 培訓盡責的速遞員, 為閣下提供既快速, 又準時的速遞服務! 急件服務亦能隨傳隨到!

能夠配合客人所需, 只因我們備有充足速遞員, 自備電單車, 輕型貨van及重型貨車大型車隊, 為服務作最強行動支援!

After 30 years of experience, coupled with an expectional opeartion model and effective training system, Hong Kong Express is able to provide rapid and dependable couirer services for both business and private clients.

Hong Kong Express is equipped with a large fleet and deliverers, (motorcycle, van, and heavy truck), allowing us to be prepared for different client's needs and urgent same-day delivery services.

Macau To Hong Kong Couier

澳門 至 香港 速遞服務


能夠成為澳門速遞專家, 因為我們全部運作過程, 不假外求, 由收件一刻, 至貨件過關程序, 到達客人手中, 全程由本公司職員, 親自携帶處理! 確保客人貨件安全送達!

由於整個運送過程, 全部經本公司職員親自進行, 絕不交由其他澳門當地速遞公司派送, 所以我們一直以來, 比起其他以駁運的速遞公司, 送達時間每日下午快2小時以上! 

Hong Kong Express embrace the belief that all packages should be taken care with the upmost trust and diligence. Our well-trained staff will personally handle each customer's package from pick-up to delivery, ensuring every package to be deliveried safely and on-time.

Thanks to our exceptional operation model and 'seek not external help' focus, Hong Kong Express is able to delivery customer's package on a much faster pace than other courier services that rely on barging, saving up to 2 hours of delivery time when compared to other Hong Kong-Macau courier services.

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