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Postal Boxes


  1. 速遞物流全電腦化運作

  2. 完善運送流程設計

  3. 承包本地及澳門文件,貨運,拖運,存倉服務,入倉提貨,供銷管理,分流送貨

  4. 代辦所有清關手續,准時穩妥,快捷有預算

  5. 本公司備有客貨車,大小油壓尾板貨車,拖頭及鏟車,配合 客戶不同需要

  6. 速遞上午收件,下午送達

  1. Courier and logistic express services supported by a fully computerized operation system to maximize working and delivery efficiency between Hong Kong and Macau. 

  2. Our services include (for both Hong Kong and Macau) business document delivery, sample delivery, goods hauling, merchandise storage, warehouse pickup, and much more on request. 

  3. Our company also cater to handle customs clearance, guaranteeing documents and samples to be delivered on time, with affordable and satisfying services and pricings.  

  4. Our company is equipped with various vans, hydraulic tailgate truck, forklift, and tractor to uphold different requests

  5. Same day courier services (local only for the meantime, full services will resume after the travelling restrictions to Macau be lifted). 

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